Basic Intro to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies [Recommended for Beginners]

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In This Course Package You Will Learn:

  • How Bitcoin’s Blockchain works, How its Cryptographic Protocol Keep it secure and Decentralized and what that means.
  • Crash Course about Mining and Evolution of Bitcoin and Crypto Mining.
  • About Different Protocols of certain Cryptos (eg Proof of Stake, Proof of Work etc.)
  • Basic Introduction Set up a Personal Wallet, Paper Wallet or Hardware Wallet such as a Trezor.
  • What Private Keys are and how to safely back them up and how they work.
  • The difference between storing coins in third party custody vs personal custody.
  • About the Different types of Address formats for Bitcoin.
  • How to BUY Bitcoin by Bitcoin ATM, E-Transfer, or Over the Counter (OTC)
  • Some basic third party services that will revolutionize your financial life.
  • How to set up an Exchange Account and trade between various other cryptocurrencies.
  • How to Fund and Withdraw from Exchange accounts.
  • 2FA Crash Course.
  • Where to learn about Each individual Cryptocurrency and its Market Presence.
  • Safe Practices Training regarding: Long-term storage, Sending and Receiving.

    This Course will be a Basic Introduction for those with Little to ZERO Knowledge about Bitcoin.
    You will get One on One Lessons by SKYPE from an Instructor with over 6 years experience in the Crypto Space.
    The Course will be Split between 5 LIVE Personal Sessions over SKYPE, Each consisting of roughly around 1-2Hours or at your pace.

    In fact, If you are completely new, Your first lesson will be a crash course in how to PAY For this course using a Bitcoin ATM, or through a Third Party App with E-Transfer, Bank wire and a few other options! (Please note the time for setting this up will not be deducted from your Total Course time, so don’t worry!)

    To Start, Add us on SKYPE: bitbutleronline and we will guide you through your Preferred payment method!


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