Basic Intro to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies [Recommended for Beginners]


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In This Course Package You Will Learn:

  • How Bitcoin’s Blockchain works, How its Cryptographic Protocol Keep it secure and Decentralized and what that means.
  • Crash Course about Mining and Evolution of Bitcoin and Crypto Mining.
  • About Different Protocols of certain Cryptos (eg Proof of Stake, Proof of Work etc.)
  • Basic Introduction Set up a Personal Wallet, Paper Wallet or Hardware Wallet such as a Trezor.
  • What Private Keys are and how to safely back them up and how they work.
  • The difference between storing coins in third party custody vs personal custody.
  • About the Different types of Address formats for Bitcoin.
  • How to BUY Bitcoin by Bitcoin ATM, E-Transfer, or Over the Counter (OTC)
  • Some basic third party services that will revolutionize your financial life.
  • How to set up an Exchange Account and trade between various other cryptocurrencies.
  • How to Fund and Withdraw from Exchange accounts.
  • 2FA Crash Course.
  • Where to learn about Each individual Cryptocurrency and its Market Presence.
  • Safe Practices Training regarding: Long-term storage, Sending and Receiving.

    This Course will be a Basic Introduction for those with Little to ZERO Knowledge about Bitcoin.
    You will get One on One Lessons by SKYPE or ZOOM from an Instructor with over 10 Years COMBINED experience in the Crypto Space.

    The Course will be Split between 4 ONLINE LIVE Personal Sessions over SKYPE, Each consisting of roughly around 1.5 Hours at a time or at your pace.

    If you are completely new to crypto, Your first lesson will be a crash course in how to PAY For this course using a Bitcoin ATM, or through a Third Party App with E-Transfer, Bank wire and a few other options! (Please note the time for setting this up will not be deducted from your Total Course time, so don’t worry!)



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