Basics to Bitcoin and Crypto + Trading Level II Course


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In This Course Package You Will Learn:

  • Quickly Revisit a few key topics from the Previous Intro Lessons.
  • More in depth about the Bitcoin Blockchain inner workings and mechanics and how they effect the ecosystem.
  • How to use the Lightning Network and how it works.
  • What a Bitcoin full node and how to set one up through various methods.
  • The difference between sending Bitcoin on the Lightning Network vs on the Bitcoin MainNet.
  • How to set up and fund your own Bitcoin Lightning Node and Fund Channels with other nodes on the Lightning Network.
  • Crash Course in how to begin Trading on some of the Most used Cypto Exchanges
  • How to create a Leverage Trading account on exchanges and Long or Short at 1-125x Leverage (HIGHLY RISKY)
  • TradingView Basics Walkthrough.
  • Advanced intro to Trading on Crypto Exchange Platforms and how to use them.

    This Course a more advanced look into Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies and recommended to those with a basic or firm understanding about Bitcoin or have taken our First course.

    You will get One on One Lessons by SKYPE from an Instructor with over 6 years experience in the Crypto Space.
    The Course will be Split between 6 LIVE Personal Sessions over SKYPE, Each consisting of roughly around 1-2Hours or at your pace.




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