Bitcoin and Crypto E-Commerce Course


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In This Course Package You Will Learn:

  • Introduction how to accept Cryptocurrency as a Payment Method for your online shop (WordPress+WOO).
  • How to set up your own Bitcoin+Lightning Payment Processor (Recommended our Level II Course in regards to Full/LightningNodes)
  • How to host your full node by a Third Party With 1 Click Deployment.
  • Setup process for connecting your Full Bitcoin Node to your website backend.
  • We will guide you through the entire process to accept Bitcoin and other Crypto from your WordPress website direct to your own Wallet or Hardware wallet from your own payment processor.
  • How to set up a Fully customizable in-house PointOfSale System for Shops with Physical Locations or Meetups/Events that can be easily Deployed on any iPad or Computer that has an internet/wifi connection.
  • How to accept Bitcoin and other Crypto on your Youtube/Socialmedia accounts.
  • How to set up a Bitcoin Crowd Fundraiser for any cause In a few simple Clicks.MONETIZE YOUR LIFE TODAY!

This course is for those with basic to firm understanding of Bitcoin/Crypto or have taken our previous courses.
You will learn how to accept crypto on your online wordpress store with very easy to use plugins. Which you are able to plug in to multiple websites at your own discretion at a later time.

You will get One on One Lessons by SKYPE from an Instructor with over 6 years experience in the Crypto Space.
The Course will be Split between 5 LIVE Personal Sessions over SKYPE, Each consisting of roughly around 1-1.5Hours or at your pace.





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